Monday, October 22, 2012

Progress and Promise in Lee County--Alliance for Biking & Walking story

Progress and Promise in Lee County, Florida

By Jake Knight on October 16, 2012

In their new report, BikeWalkLee is shedding some sunlight on the bike/ped improvements Lee County has made in the past two years as well as some of the projects in the works.
With both quantitative and qualitative accounts, the report shows results in terms of linear miles of improvements as well as of the way improvements connect existing infrastructure, enhance safety or provide wayfinding. The report is available in its entirety here, or you can check out the BikeWalkLee blog for installments that feature each area of the county.

In the past three years, the county has worked to implement its complete streets policy (adopted in 2009), and last year the MPO completed a master plan that identifies existing and planned biking and walking facilities as well as gaps in service.

“The county is making impressive progress towards the goal, as adopted in the Lee County MPO countywide bicycle and pedestrian master plan, of filling the many gaps in our bike/ped network,” said Darla Letourneau of BikeWalkLee’s Steering Group.

In addition to its role in documenting the county’s progress, the report serves as an educational and promotional tool to get people out biking and walking. The report breaks down the improvements in each of the municipalities within the county so that residents can easily learn about the improvements near them.

“One of our goals in issuing this report is to inform our residents and visitors about the new walking and biking opportunities throughout the county and to encourage them to get out there and have an active lifestyle,” says Darla.

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