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Part 5 of report: New & improved bike/ped facilities--Bonita Springs

This week BikeWalkLee released a comprehensive report on new and improved bike/ped facilities throughout Lee County.  The first part was an overview of the entire county.  In this part (Blog post #5) the report focuses on Bonita Springs.  Click here to read the full report.

Exhibit  from Lee MPO Countywide Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan, adopted May 2011 (2010 data )

Note:  bike/ped facilities are shown in linear miles vs. lane miles and only include arterial and collectors.


New and improved bike/ped facilities on all public roadways in Bonita Springs: 2011-13
(in lane miles, i.e., both sides of bike lanes and sidewalks are counted)
New Wayfinding
(2 sides)
Conver. to bike lanes
(2 sides)
New on-road bike facil . (2 sides )
New shared use paths
New sidewalks
(both sides counted)
Improved bike/ped (e.g. widened)




2011 & 2012 actual



2013 planned


3 yr total


Projects Completed in 2012

  • Michigan sidewalk project is a new north-south sidewalk facility beginning at Bonita Beach Road on the south and terminating at Pennsylvania Avenue at the north end. (1 side)  A new crossing has been installed at Pennsylvania to connect with the existing east-west sidewalk on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue.  (0.42 lane miles)
  • City-wide repair of sidewalk facilities that were broken or not up to standards. (0.11 miles)
    Hickory Blvd. (Kings Kew to bridge on north end) 1.9 miles of bike path was re-surfaced (LeeDOT project)

  •     New flashing crosswalks in downtown Bonita Springs.  At the beginning of FY 2012, new flashing lights and warning sirens were installed in three locations on Old 41 near downtown.  These improved crosswalks are making it safer for pedestrians.

 Projects to be completed in 2013

Orange Star is Bonita Springs Middle School
o   West Terry sidewalk project (from  Old 41 Rd. to N. Riverside Drive) has just begun, with a projected completion date of November 1, 2012.  The finished product will allow pedestrians to walk continuously along the north side of West Terry Street (1 side) and remain behind the existing guardrail.  This sidewalk carries a high volume of pedestrians and bicyclists due to the fact that 99% of the students at Bonita Middle School that walk to school use this route. (0.1 lane miles).

·         Old 41 SUP project.  Construction of a shared use path (7-8 ft. wide)  on Old 41 from Bonita Beach Road to the Collier line (less than 0.1 mile) will begin in spring of 2013 for completion by fall 2013).

·         Shangri-La Rd. Project.  In FY 2013, the city will be extending Shangri-La Rd. from Windley Key Terrace to Imperial Parkway.  1.46 lane miles of new 5 ft. sidewalks (2 sides) and 0.73 miles of 7 ft. bike paths. (construction to start in spring 2013 for completion by fall 2013).
Bonita Beach Road  widening project (old 41 to Lime St.) Approximately 2.04 lane miles of new sidewalks (2 sides) and 2.04lane miles of new bike lanes is scheduled to be completed in April 2013 (LeeDOT project).


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