Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Online "Town Hall": what do you think of changes to Character and Form Element?

The County developed an online interactive way for the public to participate in the process. A new topic--Character and Form--was just posted on its "Town Hall" interactive website.  Here's your chance to give a thumbs up or provide comments.  Click here to sign-up and vote. 
Please participate!

Designing the Future: Character & Form

Oct 09 - Nov 29, 2012   INSTANT POLL 

Designing the Future: Character & Form
What do you think about changes to this element?
I see the Vision! I think we're on track.
I think you missed an important issue. (Please see my comment below)
I don't get it. (Please see my comment below)
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More Info:
Read the Livable Lee Vision Statement
Position Paper
Read the complete draft element
Evaluation & Appraisal Report (EAR)
It’s something new. Rather than stick to the old familiar pattern of sprawling development - uses separated by seas of parking, accessible only by car – this element defines and enables a new form of development in Lee County. The new form is mixed use, compact and friendly to walkers and bus riders alike. Where can you find such places? This element starts the discussion about where these places should be as it considers how to make Lee County a livable community with unique urban, suburban, and rural places.

These new places to live, work and play may be in a neighborhood near you. The Character & Form Element tells you where, how and why they will work in urban, suburban and rural places in our county. If you are interested in a more attractive and better working Lee County – this is for you. It will also take money to make these places real. Where will it come from – the taxpayers, developers or somewhere else? That’s another reason to care about Character & Form.

This is a new element. Some of the ideas are old – traditional neighborhood development – the way things used to be built. The element breaks down – in detail - the rural, suburban and urban areas these new places will work – and how they can transform existing places from commercial corridors and aging neighborhoods. There are new ideas for urban design, transportation (not just about cars), and other public and private elements to make mixed-used places work. Lastly the element starts to put together the building blocks needed to encourage and inspire mixed use and put them in the hands of architects, developers, planners, and our public officials.

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