Sunday, October 14, 2012

Part 7 of report: New & improved bike/ped facilities--Fort Myers Beach

This week BikeWalkLee released a comprehensive report on new and improved bike/ped facilities throughout Lee County.  The first part was an overview of the entire county.  In this part (Blog post #7), the report focuses on the Town of Fort Myers Beach.  Click here to read the full report.
Exhibit  from Lee MPO Countywide Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan, adopted May 2011 (2010 data )
Note:  bike/ped facilities are shown in linear miles vs. lane miles and only include arterial and collectors.

New and improved bike/ped facilities on all public roadways in Fort Myers Beach: 2011-13
(in lane miles, i.e., both sides of bike lanes and sidewalks are counted)
New Wayfinding
(2 sides)
Conver. to bike lanes
(2 sides)
New on-road bike facil . (2 sides )
New shared use paths
New sidewalks
(both sides counted)
Improved bike/ped (e.g. widened)




2011 & 2012 actual



2013 planned

3 yr total



Projects Completed in 2012

Although there is no new bike/ped infrastructure on Fort Myers Beach this year, there was an model complete streets project completed in 2011 that was not included in last year's report, so we're including here:
·         North Estero Blvd.  (2 lane miles of new bike lanes and 2 lane miles of new sidewalks)--drainage and road improvement project completed in 2011.  From the beginning, this project was designed as a complete street, featuring trolley pull-offs, bike lanes, and sidewalks on both sides of the blvd., separated from the auto and bike travel lanes by landscaping.  If you want to visit a model complete streets project, this is it!  Kudos to the Town of Fort Myers Beach.  (See BikeWalkLee's blog posts of this project:June 11th and June 12th. 
N. Estero Blvd. complete streets project, including trolley stops
Crosswalks on N. Estero Blvd. complete streets project

Projects to be completed in 2013:

·        None planned at this time.  Major Estero Blvd. improvement project, which will include new bike/ped and complete streets facilities, is in the planning phase during 2013. See BikeWalkLee's suggestions to Lee County.
Dan Moser with BikeWalkLee studies Estero Blvd.

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