Monday, October 15, 2012

Update on Lee County Comp Plan Process (Horizon 2035)

  •   BikeWalkLee has been participating in this year-long process of updating the Lee Plan to ensure that the complete streets/sustainability focus in the EAR is carried through in the actual Comp Plan amendments. The County developed an online interactive way for the public to participate in the process.  Since the last newsletter, four more topics have been added.  Here's your chance to participate!

    Schedule for Review of Elements by Committees:

    Last month, an updated schedule for review of the remaining elements was issued.  Although a revised schedule hasn't been firmed up, the county is now focused on the heart of the Comp Plan changes--character and form; transportation; and land use--and these elements are taking more time for committee review.  BikeWalkLee is very focused on the transportation element, which is critical to implementation of a balanced transportation system and complete streets.  We are working with staff and will be providing comments on the draft as it becomes available and will share those comments with committees as well as our network.

    Revised meeting dates:

    LPA--Oct. 22:  completes review of Character & Form element, which they started at their Oct. 8th meeting.  The Transportation element will be reviewed in November, most likely in two meetings.

    CSAC--Its October meeting was cancelled because the transportation element is not yet ready for review.  They plan to review the transportation element in their November meeting.  The date has not been firmed up yet.  

    BPAC--Its October workshop meeting to discuss the transportation element was also cancelled for the same reason. 

    Want to Attend Committee Meetings? 

    • The LPA meets on Monday mornings (usually 1st Monday of  month) at 8:30 a.m. in the County Board chambers. Additional Monday meetings have been added to provide more time for review of the Comp Plan elements.
    • The CSAC meetings on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. (usually 3rd Wednesday of month) in the conference room of Admin Building (2115 Second Streets, Fort Myers). 
    At both committees there is an opportunity for public comments and the public is encouraged to participate.

    [Note: draft elements become available to the public 10 days prior to the LPA committee review.  Check the County's Horizon 2035 web page for documents. 

    New Topics on 2035 Town Hall website

    The County has posted four more topics on its "Town Hall" interactive website.  Here's your chance to give a thumbs up or provide comments.  Please participate!

    Designing the Future: Character & FormDesigning the Future: Character & Form

    Oct 09 - Nov 29, 2012   INSTANT POLL

  • Home Sweet Home: Communities

    Home Sweet Home: Communities

    Oct 09 - Nov 29, 2012   INSTANT POLL

  • See Lee:  The Vision

    See Lee: The Vision

    Jul 12 - Nov 29, 2012   INSTANT POLL

  • Waste Not: Community Facilities & Services

    Waste Not: Community Facilities & Services

    Sep 27 - Nov 22, 2012   INSTANT POLL

  • Saving the Past for the Future:  Historic Preservation

    Saving the Past for the Future: Historic Preservation

    Sep 26 - Nov 22, 2012   INSTANT POLL

  • Gimme Shelter: Housing

    Gimme Shelter: Housing

    Sep 26 - Nov 22, 2012   INSTANT POLL

  • CooperativeLEE:  Intergovernmental Coordination

    CooperativeLEE: Intergovernmental Coordination

    Sep 26 - Nov 22, 2012   INSTANT POLL

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