Sunday, October 14, 2012

Part 3 of report: New & improved bike/ped facilities--Cape Coral

This week BikeWalkLee released a comprehensive report on new and improved bike/ped facilities throughout Lee County.  The first part was an overview of the entire county.  In this part (Blog post #3), the report focuses on Cape Coral.  Click here to read the full report.

(Exhibit  from Lee MPO Countywide Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan, adopted May 2011 (2010 data )
Note:  bike/ped facilities are shown in linear miles vs. lane miles and only include arterial and collectors.

New and improved bike/ped facilities on all public roadways in Cape Coral: 2011-13
(in lane miles, i.e., both sides of bike lanes and sidewalks are counted)
New Wayfinding
(2 sides)
Conver. to bike lanes
(2 sides)
New on-road bike facil . (2 sides )
New shared use paths
New sidewalks
(both sides counted)
Improved bike/ped (e.g. widened)





2011 & 2012 actual


2013 planned



3 yr total


Projects completed in 2012:

Completed Bike Lanes FY 2012:  (4.4 lane miles)
  • Beach Pkwy/from Agualinda Pkwy to Oasis Blvd (both directions) 1.6 lane miles
                Agualinda/from Cape Coral Pkwy to Beach Pkwy (both directions) 2.8 lane miles
                See Feb.7th blog post on 2 bike lane projects.

Completed Sidewalks FY 2012:  (3.6 miles total)
  • SE 8th St/from Cultural Park Blvd to Santa Barbara Blvd (north side) 1 lane mile (1 side)
  • (Mariner Schools) Chiquita Blvd/from existing sidewalk to Tropicana Pkwy (east side) 0.25 lane miles (1 side)
  • (Mariner Schools) Tropicana Pkwy/from Chiquita Blvd to the end of the school property (south side) 0.33 lane miles (1 side)See March 2nd blog post about these sidewalk projects.              
  • NE 10 St/Cultural Park Blvd to Country Club (both sides) and missing links by SE 9th Av and SE 9th Place. 2 lane miles (2 sides) (to be completed Oct. 2012)

Projects to be completed in 2013

  • Sidewalks on Savona Pkwy/from Chiquita Blvd to Agualinda Blvd (2 sides) 2.5 lane miles
  • Sidewalks on Bolado Pkwy/ from Del Prado Blvd to SE 20th Ct (2 sides) 4.48 lane miles
  • Bike lanes on Pine Island Road from W of Santa Barbara Blvd to west of Del Prado Blvd: Bicycle keyholes will be installed next to auxiliary lanes. In addition, existing paved shoulders will be converted to marked and signed bike lanes (4.784 lane miles).  (FDOT project)
  • Bike lanes on Pine Island Road from Burnt Store Road to Chiquita Blvd: Bike lanes and bicycle keyholes will be installed as part of the 4-lane widening FDOT project (3.88 lane miles). (FDOT project).
  • A long-awaited traffic signal will be installed at the Del Prado Blvd. and 3rd Terrace intersection by Cape Coral's Burton Park in early 2013.  This is where 13-year old Ryan Santos was killed while crossing the street on his bike in 2010.   Click here to read BikeWalkLee's May 16th blog story.

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