Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Progress on bicycle detection (at intersection turn lanes) issues

Thanks to LeeDOT staff for efforts to improve bicycle detection at intersection turn lanes.  We also appreciate the efforts by BPAC and BPCC to focus attention on these safety issues.
Over the past year, both the MPO's Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinating Committee (BPCC) and the County's Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) have asked the county to address the problem of inconsistency in pedestrian signals through the county, and the problem of detecting cyclists trying to turn at various intersections.

In February, we reported on BPAC's efforts (click here to read the 2/17 blog post).  At the May 29th BPCC meeting, Awaldo Gonzalez of Lee County Traffic Division gave an update.  LeeDOT staff, along with a BPAC team, have been testing a list of seven roads and intersections.

LCDOT has recently installed ALDIS cameras at some signalized intersections in the County which provide a 360º view of the area around a traffic light, and allows vehicle video detection including bicyclists for traffic signal control and data. They have a plan to install more ALDIS traffic camera and plan to replace existing loop detectors with the cameras during road resurfacing/reconstruction as well as installing them during the ongoing ATMS project.

The committee thanked LeeDOT for there progress is addressing this long-standing safety concern of cyclists.  If you are out there cycling and find detection problems at a certain intersection, please contact Awaldo Gonzalez  or call 239-271-6698.

The committee also requested that LeeDOT develop a policy related to determining when pedestrian signals require being “called” vs going to “walk” cycle by default.

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