Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Update on HB 231: Rep. Passidomo's bike safety bill

One of BikeWalkLee's legislative priorities for the upcoming 2015 FL Legislative session is the passage of Rep. Kathleen Passidomo's bill (HB 231) focused on cycling safety.  The legislative session is well underway so you need to hurry to ask our state elected officials to support HB 231 (and SB 903 sponsored by Senator Altman). Click here for the text of the bill, and click here to track the bill as it winds its way through the Florida Legislature.

Update on HB 231/SB 903)
Advocate Tish Kelly (wife of Chuck Kelly, the cyclist seriously injured who is Passidomo's law partner) has spent much of the March up in Tally pressing for action on this bike safety bill, working closely with the bill's sponsor, Rep. Kathleen Passidomo and her co-sponsor, Heather Fitzenhagen (both part of SWFL delegation).  The bill has made it through 3 House committee and 1 Senate Committee as of yesterday.  Tomorrow (3/26) it is considered by the Senate Transportation Committee.

L to R: Senator Altman, Tish Kelly, and Rep. Passidomo
Tish has been keeping us up-to-date via Facebook posts and emails.  Here's her FB 3/24/15 post:
"HB 231 (bike safety bill) passed in the House Criminal Justice subcommittee in an unanimous vote today !! They got it. Nice caring people. All of you that emailed and called in with support made a difference . Thank you! On to the next round !"

 To contact the state legislators, see list and contact info at the end of this editorial: News-Press Editorial: Cyclists deserve to be protected, safe.
Previous BikeWalkLee posts on topic:

BWL Blog: March 7, 2015: News-Press Editorial: Cyclists deserve to be protected, safe   As part of NP editorial that accompanied their 3/8 feature on biking safety, they strongly supported the Passidomo bill and urged citizens to contact their elected state legislators.

BWL Blog: February 20, 2015:Lee MPO sends letter to Lee Legislative Delegation in support of Rep. Passidomo's bike/ped safety bill (HB 231)
At 2/20 Lee MPO Board meeting the members approved sending a letter in support of HB 231 to the Lee Legislative delegation, asking them to enact the bill this legislative session.  BikeWalkLee spoke in support of the proposal and applauds the Board for taking action.

BWL Blog: February 10, 2015:Editorial: Naples lawmaker's bill helps address cycling conflicts


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