Thursday, February 9, 2012

BWL letter to Rep. Mack urging NO vote on HR7

February 9, 2012

Dear Representative Mack,

BikeWalkLee is a citizen based community coalition in Lee County, FL that works to raise public awareness and advocate for complete streets and a balanced multi-modal transportation system.  We are writing to urge you to vote “NO” on H.R. 7, the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act, the House’s proposal for transportation reauthorization.

This bill makes an unprecedented attack on crucial public transportation funding.  While it will do little to upgrade repair of our deficient bridges and crumbling roads, it will increase danger to everyone who uses our streets and roads.

This bill:
·         Unfairly punishes current and future users of public transportation, and threatens to degrade further the service and state of repair of our transit systems.  To be economically competitive, Florida communities need more transit investments, not less!
·         Decreases transportation choices for all  Americans, only deepening  our dependence on oil;
·         Undermines safety and public health, removing  resources  from non-motorized forms of transportation;
·         Does not go far enough to ensure a  state of good repair of our bridges and highways;
·         And undercuts local governance and citizen input regarding public, economic, and environmental health impacts of transportation projects. environmental, health and other impacts of
 It’s time for an updated federal transportation program that meets our needs in the 21st century; that creates jobs and lays the foundation for a rejuvenated economy; that balances the need to keep our highway system strong while augmenting it with other options. A forward-looking transportation system is vital to Florida’s economic future.

Lee County elected officials, both at the MPO and Board of County Commissioners, have shown strong support for a more balanced multi-modal transportation system and one that ensures that our roads are safe and accessible for all road users.  HR 7 will undermine the ability of all local officials to provide a transportation system needed and desired by the citizens of our community.

We urge your “NO” vote on HR 7 in the full House.

Thank you for standing up for your constituents on these important issues.


Darla Letourneau
On behalf of

Letter is also found on BWL website.  Click here.

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  1. He is trying to screw the Post Office, this is no surprise at what he is not supporting. It doesn't bring him or his "buddies" any money


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