Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update on bike/ped projects under construction

April 17, 2011
Periodically, we ask LeeDOT to update us on the status of bike/ped projects under construction. The following is the update we received from Sarah Clarke (LeeDOT Project Manager):

Projects completed:
Buckingham Rd. paved shoulders from Neal Rd. to Gunnery
Business Way sidewalk from Beth Stacey to Homestead
Hancock Bridge Parkway paved shoulder from Orange Grove Blvd. to 24th St.
Page Park sidewalks

Projects under construction:
Hickory Blvd. paved shoulders (should be completed by Sept.)
Colonial Blvd. from I-75 to SR 82 (I think this is shared use path)(due in July)
Bonita Beach Rd. (sidewalks on both sides & paved shoulders)(due Dec. 2012)

If you know of local projects that have been completed, send me info and I'll post (

Also, if you have questions about other projects and want to know the status, send me an e-mail.

In addition to new facilities, LeeDOT is installing some new bike/ped safety signs. I noticed a new Share the Road sign on John Morris Rd. heading towards "beach". If you notice new signs, drop me a note and maybe a photo.

Progress is being made. Thanks, LeeDOT!

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