Sunday, April 17, 2011

MPO's countywide bike/ped master plan moves through committee approval process

Finally, the MPO countywide bike/ped master plan has been completed and is moving through the MPO committee review process and is scheduled for MPO Board adoption on May 20th.

On April 14th, the MPO's Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinating Committee met jointly with the Master Plan Project Advisory Committee (where BikeWalkLee has representation), and recommended approval of the Plan to the Board. If you're interested in reviewing the report, here's the link to the plan on the MPO website. Note that there will be some changes to this plan as it goes through the committee review process. The final plan, after its adopted by the Board on May 20th, will be posted on the MPO website and we will also post it on our website. We have developed a matrix summarizing the recommendations and lead responsibilities for implementation and will be developing a summary fact sheet and talking points about this plan. Stay tuned.

BikeWalkLee pressed for this plan beginning in 2008 and has been actively involved in the development of this plan at every step in the process. We are pleased with the proposed master plan and are looking forward to having a blueprint for transforming the county into a more bike/ped-friendly community, which is part of the larger picture of changes we're advocating in Lee County to promote complete streets, better transportation and land use planning, and sustainability. The blueprint provides guidance to all jurisdictions in Lee County regarding facility improvements and policy recommendations aimed at accommodating bicycle and pedestrian modes of transportation.

We hope you'll let your MPO elected officials know that you support this plan and urge their support at the May 20th MPO meeting. Click here for the list of members.

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