Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lee County implements minor complete streets improvements from first resurfacing contract commitments

As we reported in a blog post on Feb. 19, 2011, the County has been evaluating its resurfacing contracts for opportunities to address the needs of all users when roads are resurfaced. As part of this review process, which was overseen by the Community Sustainability Committee (CSAC), identified some small interim measures that could be undertaken. At the April 20, 2011 CSAC meeting, LeeDOT reported that all of the recommended improvements in the 2010-11 resurfacing contract for arterials & collectors have been implemented. As a result the following improvements have been made:
1. Palomino Rd. has share the road signs, a lowered speed limit, and narrower lanes.
2. Orange River Rd. has share the road signs.
3. The crosswalk at Littleton Rd. has been improved.
4. The cross walk at Island Park Rd. has been improved.

Let us know if you notice the improvements and whether they're making a difference in making pedestrians and cyclists feel safer & improving driver behavior. We'd love to receive photos:(

There are 18 other minor improvements that LeeDOT has committed to make as part of the two other 2010-11 resurfacing contracts, and we'll keep you posted. Thanks, LeeDOT for following through on these improvements!

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