Saturday, June 13, 2015

News-Press: "Bicycling: 7 cities"--Evanston, IL

NP feature 6/14/15--Chapter 4: Evanston, IL
 Link to Overview article: Bicycling: 7 cities that will make Florida riders jealous


Poles, parking spaces buffer Evanston, Ill., bicycle lane from moving cars.
(Photo: Special to The News-Press)
People have a lot of ways to get around in the city of Evanston, Illinois.

Its public transit system includes buses and trains; it's working on a bike-share system with neighboring Chicago that will roll out in spring 2016.

And, although less than 8-square miles in area, this 'burb north of the Windy City has 2 miles of striped, physically protected bicycle lanes in its commercial district, with another stretch of about 1 mile planned.

The bicycling lanes are to the right of the parking zones, and separated from the parked cars with reflector-studded, vertical plastic poles about 36 inches tall.

The city's website offers free, online bike registration, a route map, safety quizzes and events and bicycle shop listings.

"You can function here without having a (motor) vehicle," said Alex Anon, owner of the Bucephalus Bikes shop.

Anon should know. He, his wife and their four sons have gotten around without a car for about 18 years.

He's impressed with the pole-protected bicycle lanes: "They tell a driver there's something here to be respected."

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