Sunday, June 14, 2015

Action Alert: Support River of Grass Greenway (ROGG) Master Plan

 Since 2009, BikeWalkLee has been an enthusiastic supporter of The River of Grass Greenway (ROGG) project, which would create a 75-mile shared use path along US 41 between Miami and Naples.  This project is now under attack and your support is needed.  The two-year Master Plan study is out for comment and emails in support of the plan are needed by June 24th (or July 1st at the latest).  If you support this project, now is the time to speak up!  Send you email to: Mr. Mark Heinicke at

The River of Grass Greenway (ROGG) is a proposed 75-mile shared-use pathway along US 41 between Miami and Naples.  After nearly three years of public workshops, steering committee meetings, and agency reviews, the ROGG Feasibility and Master Plan Study is nearing completion.

Now is the final opportunity for the masses to provide public comment to demonstrate support and demonstrate a need for this project, which then influences political decision makers.  There is vocal opposition from those who do not want change, and consider the ROGG to be more harmful than beneficial.

US 41 between Miami and Naples is the only way to access many attractions within six national and state parks of the Everglades ecosystem, and the only road cyclists or pedestrians can use to travel across the state in southern Florida.  Unfortunately, safety conditions for cycling on this stretch of road make it prohibitive to all but the bravest.

A shared-use pathway would not only provide safety for the self-propelled, but also a walkway for nature viewing, photography and general enjoyment of the Everglades ecosystem.  The ROGG would provide endless opportunities for educating visitors about the cultural and natural resources of this internationally renowned wetland.

The Master Plan team has worked diligently to maximize compatibility between the ROGG and the adjacent sensitive environment.  For example, if ROGG implementation includes a companion shuttle system between trailheads, it would provide significant environmental benefits of reducing traffic on US 41, reducing carbon emissions and reducing congestion at the parks.  This would reverse the current trend of increasing traffic counts at the parks and the associated problems of providing parking.  Moreover, the ROGG + shuttle system would provide the masses with an eco-friendly alternative: enjoy our Everglades national treasure without a personal vehicle.

Its up to YOU to provide comments that demonstrate public approval of the ROGG and allow it to progress to the next phase.

Public comments are due by July 1 and should be emailed to Mr. Mark Heinicke at

To see the latest draft of the Feasibility Study and Master Plan, the link is

Additional information about the ROGG can be found at


  1. After careful review of the ROGG proposal, I'm afraid there is absolutely no way I can show my support. As a cyclist I understand the need for safer passage, but this project is way too costly with too much impact on an area that deserves nothing but restoration efforts, not further development. Weighing the restoration of the quality of our water source against the need for a safer bike route isn't even a serious topic of discussion. I, too, have sent Mr. Heinicke an email. I'm glad I read the entire proposal before forming an opinion. You're description above is a whitewashed promotion. The truth was in the details. I'll continue to bike the existing miles of trails in Everglades NP & Big Cypress and I won't miss the absence of ROGG.

  2. Do your research Miami, Ft. Laud, and other city need urban bike paths more than building something in the middle of no where. Google bike crashes, and death in Florida 2014 this path is not even in the top 30.

  3. . The ROGG project was initially under the National Parks Services and was moved into Miami Dade Parks and Rec and Open Spaces. Miami Dade does not require NEPA process to be completed on construction projects, and the National Park Services does require this process and others, in order to get a project like ROGG to move forward. I object to the moving of this project from the National Parks Service, and find this course of action taken by the ROGG steering community, Consultants, and others involved in this project most concerning for a project that will impact over six state parks and countless unique eco systems. This course of action is reckless and expresses what is valued most in this project, which is not Florida Nature. No preparation of an environmental assessment/finding of no significant impact (EA/FONSI), no preparation of an environmental impact statement (EIS), and does not meet EPA standard. There is no impact study showing the impact of Everglades’ reservations, no signoff with Integrated Delivery Schedule (IDS), nor studies showing how this will impact the following groups, and projects in progress: (Central and Southern Florida Projects (C&SF) which includes the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), Kissimmee River Restoration, and the Everglades and South Florida (E&SF)/Critical Projects). In fact there is no stable design for the ROGG, and it is ever changing depending on which way the wind blows. What is not changing for example on pages 102-120 show a number of alternative designs, but all require MAJOR DESTRUCTION of the environment. Page 113 West and Central ROGG’s design alternative B-9 (impacts to safety of motorists) clearly demonstrates this point, as does the pictorial representation of B-9 on Page 236 of the May 2015 plan.

  4. This project is bad on lots of levels please stop paving over paradise when people are dieing for bike paths in our city.

  5. I cannot support the project called ROGG even though I love to ride my bike in the glades. The construction needed to build this project will do great harm to this sensitive environment. Many endangered plants and animals will lose their homes and our own indigenous people will be disrupted. There exsists any miles of paved and unpaved trails to ride out there already. I love to ride them all winter long. Let's build something more useful like bike ways in urban and suburban Miami and Naples. No to ROGG!

  6. While this bike path may improve safety for cyclists and other new arrivals to US 41 - what proponents strategically forget to mention is that the safety of 3000 motorists per days is significantly reduced as a trade off required to squeeze this 10 pound bag of bike path in 5 pounds of space available for it on the roadway.

  7. If the sovereignty of the Miccosukee tribe and destruction of 100 acres of undisturbed habitat doesn't matter then support ROGG. Otherwise, do your homework. ROGG is a horrible idea for the Everglades and its residents. Don't you think the Everglades is already distressed enough without adding an unnecessary bike path? There is already over 400 miles of paved and unpaved paths to ride. In case anyone is interested, here at the tribe's comments on it:


    plenty of information on why this is a bad idea on this fb page.


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