Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday's News-Press opinion page features distracted driving

News-Press Sunday, September 26, 2010
The entire opinion page is about the distracted driving epidemic and its impact on the lives of drivers, as well as vulnerable users such as pedestrians & cyclists. It includes a commentary by BikeWalkLee, among others. Read the series below:

News-Press Editorial: Distracted driving is an epidemic. So says U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. He’s right. Click here to continue reading.

MacGregor's Boulevard...How's My Distracted Driving? Click here.

BikeWalkLee's commentary:The push to combat distracted driving is crucially important to anyone who shares the road with a driver who is texting, talking on the cell phone, checking e-mails, and so much here to continue reading.

Stay Alive...Just Drive!'s commentary: The second Distracted Driving Summit held on Sept. 21 in Washington, D.C. once again provided a national opportunity to increase awareness, and seek solutions regarding this public health here to continue reading.

David Plazas (Community Editor of News-Press)'s commentary on his experience as a runner with distracted drivers: Last Sunday, I ran from my home to Lakes Park on a hot afternoon. Near the corner of Cypress Lake Parkway and Winkler Avenue, I saw a car swerving as it came my here to continue reading.

Letters to the editor on distracted driving: As an ex-law enforcement officer - now retired - I notice more and more drivers not paying attention to their surroundings. Click here to continue reading.

Kudos to News-Press for focusing on this important issue. We look forward to their continued attention to this serious safety problem for all road users. Thanks to Jay Anderson, Executive Director of Stay Alive...Just Drive!, who's championed this cause in our community for many years & who attended the USDOT Summit last week.
To learn how you can be more involved in this campaign, click here. You can also check out the USDOT website

Please let your state elected officials know that you want action on this issue, write letters to the editor about your experiences, and talk to your friends and family about the need to stay alive...and just drive! Thanks! Darla

Top 15 driving distractions

1. Rubbernecking
2. Driver fatigue/drowsy driving
3. Looking at scenery or landmarks
4. Passenger or child distraction
5. Adjusting radio or changing CD/tape
6. Cell phone/text messaging
7. Eyes not on the road
8. Not paying attention, daydreaming
9. Eating or drinking
10. Personal grooming (shaving, applying makeup)
11. Adjusting vehicle controls
12. Bad weather conditions
13. Insect, animal, or object entering or striking vehicle
14. Reading documents, books maps, or newspaper
15. Medical or emotional impairment

— Source: Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, provided by Stay Alive .... Just Drive, Inc.

More News on distracted driving

News-Press 10/6/10

Stay off that cell, troopers are told

Florida Highway Patrol troopers can no
longer text or talk on hand-held cell phones while
on duty.

The new policy went into effect for the state's 1,650
troopers Monday. Troopers can still talk on their
cell phones, as long as it's with a hands-free device.

Authorities say the aim of the initiative is to keep
roads safe and use troopers to set the bar. In
Florida, there is no law against holding a cell phone
while talking and driving.

"It's encouraging to see law enforcement setting an
example," said Jay Anderson, executive director of
Stay Alive Just Drive. Click here to continue reading.

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