Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's No Copenhagen

Living on Earth: Focus on Biking in LA
Check out this good short piece on public radio on biking in LA and the policy progress they are making.

It's No Copenhagen – A growing number of frustrated commuters in Los Angeles are opting for the bicycle. Riders are putting pressure on the city, and the city is responding, especially after the mayor himself took a nasty fall.

Here's one quote that has a message for Lee County:

SNYDER: When you look at the cities that are doing the most, lets see, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Tucson, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Columbus, Ohio, and a growing list of other cities. The only thing those cities have in common is the political will to make conditions better. We have a great climate here, most of our basin is flat, there is no reason that we can't do, certainly, as well as New York and Chicago.
Yes, we too have a great climate and flat terrain in Lee County...we need to make sure that the political will to make conditions better is strong and deep.

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