Thursday, September 9, 2010

Participate in International Walk to School Day October 6th

A convergence of issues ranging from childhood obesity to environmental
pollution to rising fuel prices are pushing families to rethink how they travel, including the daily trip to school. Although walking and bicycling to school happen throughout the school year, this year’s official Walk to School celebration takes place October 6.

For some families, this is an opportunity to give walking and bicycling to school a try. Walk to School Day is not a new initiative. The Partnership
for a Walkable America sponsored the first National Walk Our Children to
School Day in Chicago in 1997, modeled after the United Kingdom’s walk to
school events. In the U.S., Walk to School grows in numbers and relevance
each year. In 2007, all 50 states held Walk to School events, for an estimated total of 5,000 schools.

Below are the local schools that have registered to participate in this event:
Fort Myers:
Gateway Elementary School
Kim Freis, Les Johnson
239 768-3737 239 768-3737
We do it over a 5 day period working with the Lee County Sheriffs Dept.. Students are are separated into smaller groups so students safety rules can be gone over better. Parents and staff are encouraged to participate also.

Tanglewood Elementary School
Vilma Jimenez
239-936-0891 239-936-0891
Students, parents, and school staff will meet at 7:30 am at a place close to the school. We will walk together to the school with banners and posters. The police department will escort the participants. Snacks, water, incentives and certificates will be distributed to all student participants.

Bonita Springs:
Bonita Springs Elementary
Terri Cherkin
239-992-0801 239-992-0801
The entire student body is invited to meet at a designated location and walk together to school by following the bobcat paws, which have been painted onto the sidewalk. We are led by the Mayor of Bonita Springs as well as the fire and police department. Students enjoy refreshments and guest speakers after completion of the walk.

Volunteers Needed! If you're interested in volunteering, esp. to help with organizing this event for a specific school, the Lee County School District would like your help. Please call Jennifer Robertson who is the contact person for FDOT's "walking school bus" program. Her number is (941)915-0826. Also Liz Moreno Child Advocate and Lee/collier Safe kids coordinator is a local contact and her contact info is

The Walking School Bus!

A Walking School Bus is a group of children walking to school with parents or volunteers. It gives children a jump start on daily exercise and learning.

To learn more about the Walking School Bus Program, click here.

The Walking School Bus in Florida is an initiative of the Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) award to the Florida Department of Health. Thirteen regional coordinators are located across Florida to work with county health departments, local health advocacy groups, civic organizations, school districts, and city and county officials. The FDOH coordinator for this region is Jennifer Robertson or 850-245-4330.

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