Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Opportunity for All! Sign the Transportation Equity Pledge

BikeWalkLee is a partner of Transportation 4 America (known as T4America), a broad national coalition of housing, business, environmental, public health, transportation, equitable development, and other organizations, working together to
demand that our leaders invest in a 21st Century transportation system. Below is T4America's request for citizens to take action in support of transportation equity:

T4A Transportation Equity Pledge
Transportation is a crucial link to ensuring opportunity for all, connecting us to schools, housing, health care, grocery stores, and, most importantly, jobs. But millions of low-income people and people of color live in communities where quality transportation options are unaffordable, unreliable, or even nonexistent.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Federal transportation policy choices – what we build, where we put it, who builds it, how we operate it, what energy powers it – have an enormous impact on our economy, our climate and our health. We must invest in a manner that builds a nation where all people can participate and prosper.

Join us in calling on Congress to invest in transportation that expands opportunity for all.

Sign the Equity Caucus pledge today.

Our next transportation bill must:

1. Create affordable transportation options for all people.
2. Ensure fair access to quality jobs, workforce development, and contracting opportunities in the transportation industry.
3. Promote healthy, safe, and inclusive communities.
4. Invest equitably and focus on results.

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