Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cape Coral police hand out bicycle helmets to kids

Kudos to the Cape Coral Police for providing free helmets to kids riding bikes without helmets. Check out the News-Press story:

News-Press 9/24/10
By Andrea Jackson •

Cape Coral police Officer Matt Squires has yet to ticket a child for not wearing a helmet because he has another way to enforce the law.

Inside his trunk, Squires had about seven helmets - big and small, for boys and girls - but gave them all away.

They were part of a batch of 100 helmets that the Epilepsy Foundation gave to the department. Three dozen are left that police can still give out, authorities said.

Pedaling without a helmet can carry a ticket, and a fine of $57.50 for people under 16, or police can just issue a warning.

"The goal is to make sure kids are safe," said Squires.

It's not something police want to punish. They want to increase awareness.
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