Saturday, May 1, 2010

News-Press editorial: Make roads safer for all users

The death of 13-year-old Ryan Michael Santos this
week in Cape Coral is a grim reminder of the
dangers of crossing major roadways by foot or
bicycle except at well-marked crossings with a
traffic light.

Even if every intersection is legally a crosswalk, and
vehicles are required to yield to pedestrians,
crossing at many such intersections is foolhardy.
Too many motorists fail to realize they are supposed
to yield.

Some people, especially youngsters, are tempted to
cross on foot or bike at intersections that are too

Ryan’s death should also strengthen our resolve to
see that roads and streets in Lee County are
designed much more safely for all users of those
roadways, including pedestrians and bicyclists.
This campaign is a continuing one at the local, state
and federal levels, led by such advocates as

Motorists should be alert and focused on the road.
It’s unacceptable that most crashes can be
prevented by avoiding distractions.

They are under strong legal and moral obligation to
pay close attention to pedestrians and bicyclists on
or approaching the roadway.

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