Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kate Gooderham: Cycling in Lee County offers numerous benefits to residents

Guest Opinion published in News-Press 5/20/10

May is National Bike Month. To celebrate, I'd like
you to remember why you used to ride your bicycle.
When we were 10 years old we bicycled because it
was fun. The world was our oyster. My secret is, it
still is! I'm happy to tout the health benefits, but
those of us who bicycle regularly do it for the joy,
not for the health of it.

I've been listening to others and why they like to
bicycle. Everyone has a different reason. I like to be
able to look around at a pace I like. Some like the
special time with kids when they cycle. Some like to
ride to the ice cream store! Here's a little collection
of "Why I like to ride" from some friends and
acquaintances. Click here to continue reading.

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