Sunday, January 17, 2016

Promote the "3 Feet Please--It's the law" bike safety campaign

Been trying to find some "3 feet please" decals? Here's your chance to order a supply and be part of the campaign to raise motorists' awareness about this law.

Beginning in 2010, "3 feet please--it's the law" decals began appearing on vehicles throughout SWFL, thanks to an effort spearheaded by Bert Hamilton (past BPAC chair and BWL founding member). The campaign was launched to raise motorists' awareness of the Florida law requiring drivers to give at least 3 feet of clearance when passing a bicyclist on a roadway. As a result of that campaign, you see LeeTran buses, Lee County Sheriff's patrol cars, and county vehicles, as well as the vehicles of many cyclists and other citizens, sporting these decals.  See BWL's 2013 column about the initiative.

 The Injury Prevention Coalition, as well as Dan Moser and others, used to distribute these decals at events around the county. Then about 2 years ago, the supply of decals dried up and when we tried to order more, we found out that the vendor was no longer in business and there was no one else selling them.
In November, the Sanibel Bicycle Club asked BikeWalkLee how they could obtain some for distribution during their February month-long bike safety campaign.  When SBC's VP Patti Sousa learned that there was no vendor, she recruited a vendor to recreate and sell the decals and bumper stickers.  SBC coordinated an order that will mean SBC and a couple of Sanibel bike shops as well as BikeWalkLee, will soon have a supply. 

The good news is that anybody can now order the decals directly.  This is a custom design order so you can't place the order directly through the website. To order, you should send an email directly to Chris Cunningham at or with the information about what you want to order (decals and/or bumper stickers and the quantities), the shipping address and your contact information so he can get in touch with you about payment and shipping.  Production takes about 2 weeks.  Below are the details:

Vendor:  tik tok ink )
555 Alter Street #19b
Broomfield, CO 80020

If have questions email: or

White vinyl decal with gloss laminate, printed digital 4 color process
Decals (6" wide x 4" tall)
Bumper stickers (12" wide x 3" tall)

Prices per unit (same for decals and bumper stickers):
50 pieces x $4.25 ea. =  $212.50
125 pieces x $2.50 ea. =  $312.50
250 pieces x $1.35 ea. =  $337.50
500 pieces x $0.75 ea. =  $375.00
1000 pieces x $0.50 ea. = $500.00

So, help raise awareness of the "3 foot" law by buying some decals for distribution in your city, your business, your organization.  We hope to soon see many more vehicles in the county sporting these messages.  Thank you, Sanibel Bicycle Club!

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