Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lee County Sheriff's Office outlines 2016 strategy for reducing traffic fatalities

As a follow-up to the Naples Daily News Jan. 5th editorial about 2015 roadway safety, which included an outline of the Collier County Sheriff's Office 2016 strategy but not a comparable report from Lee County, BikeWalkLee contacted Sheriff Scott to ask for the LCSO strategy.  We appreciate Sheriff Scott and his staff's quick response to our request, which is provided below:

On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 4:25 PM, Petracca, Dennis <> wrote:
Sheriff Mike Scott asked that I respond to your email pertaining to the article from the Naples Daily News.  
With the recent increase in traffic fatalities on our roadways in Lee County during 2015 the Lee County Sheriff's Office for 2016 will focus the enforcement efforts towards the primary causations of the crashes such as red light running, distracted driving and aggressive driving since these were the primary contributing factors in many of the traffic crashes that resulted in fatalities during 2015. To combat these issues we will have a zero tolerance for this type of driving patterns with increased traffic operations in the areas that had high frequencies of traffic crashes.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office was recently awarded two grants to assist with overtime funding towards impaired driving and pedestrian and bicycle enforcement. With this additional funding the Traffic Unit will increase the current traffic operations focusing on inattentive drivers who fail to see or obey the pedestrians and bicycles on our roadways. Impaired drivers  have always been a focus for enforcement at the Lee County Sheriff's Office and we will be increasing our current impaired driving operations with additional saturations patrols and sobriety checkpoints.  

Education is part of making our roadways safe and we will continue to coordinate and instruct portions of the Youth Driver Program and High Risk Driver Program with Lee Memorial Hospital and in addition working with the local media groups in hopes of educating all of drivers about the seriousness of bad driving behaviors and bad driving choices can result is serious consequences.

Weekly we review traffic crash locations to determine what the causations of the crashes are. Based upon the finding if it’s an enforcement effort the Traffic Unit will focus its efforts in those high crash zones. If it appears to be a engineering issue we work close with both the Florida Department of Transportation and Lee County Department of Transportation and review locations monthly in hopes of making areas in questions safe for the driving, walking and bicycling community.

In all increased enforcement efforts with the Lee County Sheriff's Office will be the primary focus in 2016 with a zero tolerance for bad driving behavior and those who make bad choices while driving.

Thank you,
Lt. Dennis Petracca
Lee County Sheriff's Office
Traffic Unit

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