Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summerlin Rd. bike/ped improvements project approved

 Cyclists and walkers can look forward to a new sidepath and on-road shoulders for the north side of Summerlin Rd, to be constructed in the coming months.  Kudos to BoCC and LeeDOT.
 At the August 7th BoCC meeting a project that was among the reasons BikeWalkLee came into being was given the go-ahead for construction.  Summerlin Rd, from Gladiolus Rd to Pine Ridge Rd, will have its shoulders upgraded to bike lanes and a pathway added to the north side (westbound side) in segments where it currently doesn’t exist.  For those who recall BWL’s beginnings, Lee County DOT had adopted a policy of not providing bike lanes just as this project was being considered.  Since then, and as a result of the County’s adoption and implementation of a Complete Streets policy, LCDOT has not only included bike lanes on road widening and new road projects but they are also in the process of upgrading and designating as bike lanes existing paved shoulders on a number of County roads.  BikeWalkLee applauds the work LCDOT and Lee County is doing to ensure adequate accommodation for all users of their public rights-of-way.

Another positive outcome of this BoCC meeting was a surprise:  A Commissioner item brought forward by Chairman Manning as a motion that was unanimously approved will designate John Yarbrough Linear Park as one of Florida’s official Florida Greenway Trails, meaning it will now be included on both the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and VISIT Florida websites.  BikeWalkLee commends Lee County Parks and Rec for developing this excellent facility as well as Lee BoCC for moving this statewide designation forward.       

Report by Dan Moser 

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