Friday, August 10, 2012

Updated schedule and process for review of New Horizon 2035 Lee Plan elements

BikeWalkLee has been participating in this year-long process of updating the Lee Plan to ensure that the complete streets/sustainability focus in the EAR is carried through in the actual Comp Plan amendments.  This summer we have been advocating for the schedule to be revised to provide more time for analysis and review of the draft elements  by the committees and the public, and for an online interactive way for the public to participate in the process.  This week County staff presented its new schedule and unveiled a new online public participation tool.

Background:  Horizon 2035 is a comprehensive review and update of the Lee Plan through the year 2035. The Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) adopted by the Commissioners in early 2011 resulted in a sustainable vision for growth and development. The County is now using this vision as the basis to update the Lee Plan’s goals, objectives and policies. Over the past year, the staff has been presenting draft Comp Plan language for each of the 15 elements in the Plan.
Check the Horizon 2035 webpage for the latest papers and schedule.  

Revised Schedule and Process:
At Tuesday's County Board meeting, staff presented the timeline and milestones going forward:

Schedule for Review of Remaining Elements by Committees:
(Note: draft elements become available to the public 10 days prior to the LPA committee review.  Check the County's Horizon 2035 webpage for documents.)

  • Communities Element--reviewed by LPA in July & will be reviewed by CSAC at Aug. 15th meeting
  • Community Facilities Element--reviewed by LPA in July  & will be reviewed by CSAC at Aug. 15th meeting
  • Housing Element--to be reviewed by LPA at Aug. 27th meeting & CSAC at Sept. 19th meeting.
  • Character & Form Element--LPA on Aug. 27th & CSAC on Sept. 19th
  • Transportation Element--LPA on Sept. 24th & CSAC on Oct. 17th
  • Land Use Element--LPA on Oct. 29th & CSAC on Nov. 21st
  • Glossary Element--LPA on Nov. 26 & CSAC on Dec. 19th
  • Administration Element--LPA on Nov. 26th CSAC on Dec. 19th
  • Review complete revised Lee Plan--LPA in Dec. and CSAC in Jan.
 Want to Attend Committee Meetings? 
  • The LPA meets on Monday mornings at 8:30 a.m. in the County Board chambers. 
  • The CSAC meetings on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. in the conference room of Admin Building (2115 Second Streets, Fort Myers). 
At both committees there is an opportunity for public comments and the public is encouraged to participate.

Public Workshops:
At Tuesday's BoCC meeting, staff announced plans for a series of public workshops, which will present the draft elements for public input.
·         There will be a workshop for each community panel.
·         There will be a full day open house/workshop with all the maps for the development community to discuss with staff one-on-one their questions and concerns about the maps.
·          The input from these public workshops will be incorporated into the revised elements before the 2nd round and final review of each element goes to the LPA and the CSAC.
As soon as the schedule is available for these workshops, we will let you know.

New online Horizon 2035 Town Hall Public Forum:
As outlined in our earlier blog, the public has an exciting new way to participate in the conversation.  Currently, the first 5 of the 15 elements are posted for input.  As the remaining elements are completed, they will be posted, so check back periodically for the latest.  Please click this link to learn more and to sign-up today to begin participating in this online forum.  Input from this forum will be reflected in the 2nd draft of the elements before they go back to the LPA and CSAC for a final review.

  BoCC Process:        
·         A half day BoCC workshop is planned for January 2013, after LPA and CSAC final review (which incorporates edits from 1st review, input from public workshops, and any changes in 2nd round review).
·         There will be a 3-day Comp Plan transmittal hearing at the BoCC sometime in the Spring, then the plan will go to the state for 60 day review & then adoption.

 Report by Darla Letourneau

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