Monday, August 20, 2012

Lee County Commission Candidates in November general election and their views on BikeWalkLee issues

  In July, prior to the primary election, we posted responses from all BoCC candidates  to BikeWalkLee's questionnaire.  Now that the primary is over, here are the responses to our questionnaire from the candidates that will be on the November ballot.
The local 2012 election for county commissioners (BoCC) is important for the future direction of Lee County and its commitment to complete streets and a balanced multi-modal transportation system.  This year, four of the five county commissioner seats are up for election.  For each seat, there are at least two candidates in the general election.
On June 18th, BikeWalkLee sent a questionnaire to all 12 candidates, and, to date, we've received responses from nine candidates.  It is important to BikeWalkLee to elect county commissioners who support our values and vision.  This election will determine whether the policy framework put in place over the past three years to make our streets safer and more accessible to all users will continue and result in changes on the ground for Lee County residents.
What did we hear from the candidates?  First, we'd like to thank the candidates who responded to our questionnaire with thorough and thoughtful responses. 
We asked five questions:-- implementation of complete streets, the Comprehensive Plan amendments and integration of land use and transportation, cost-saving changes to road projects, transit, and support for replacing road impact fees with a mobility fee plan.

We have compiled into one document the responses from the candidates who are on the November ballot, organized by the five districts.  Note: We have not received any responses from candidates in District 5. Click here to read all the responses.

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