Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lee County government unveils new online "Town Hall" public forum

In an exciting new development, Lee County took a giant step forward today in launching a new online public forum, using a "Town Hall" social media tool.  This tool (MindMixer) is being used successfully in communities around the country to engage the community in an online and interactive way.  As outlined to the Board of County Commissioners today, the first major use of this "Town Hall" tool will be to engage the community in providing opinions and ideas to help improve the New Horizon 2035 Lee Plan to make sure it brings the new vision of a Livable Lee to reality.    Please click this link to learn more and to sign-up today to begin participating in this online forum.

Kudos to the County Manager and her team, esp. the Community Development Department, for bringing the citizens of Lee County this innovative and valuable tool, and to the Board for its enthusiastic support of the approach.  A special thanks also goes to Ann Pierce (of BikeWalkLee) for successfully advocating for the use of this tool as a member of the LPA.  Now it's up to US, the residents of Lee County, to make the most of this opportunity...so sign-up now and become part of this exciting interactive community conversation!

Below is the announcement on the County's website today, along with highlights from the New Horizon 2035 "Town Hall" section. Join “Lee County Town Hall” Online Public Forum

Want to make a positive impact on the community from the comfort of your home? Then check out the new “Lee County Town Hall” virtual public forum at www.leecountytownhall.com. This interactive website invites residents to share opinions and ideas on proposed county projects.

While we still encourage face-to-face dialogue at traditional meetings, we realize that hectic schedules can get in the way. Explore Lee County Town Hall at your convenience. We’re kicking things off with a campaign seeking input about Lee County’s plan for growth through 2035, and a fun challenge about the iconic places in Lee County. Check back often to see what’s new. The registration process is free and easy to share your own ideas and support those you like. Lee County decision-makers will be listening.

Horizon 2035 "Town Hall":

A new vision of Lee County in 2035 – an economically and environmentally desirable place to live, work and visit – was crafted from public suggestions made at 12 workshops. Now, it’s time to revise Lee County’s growth management plans to bring that vision of a Livable Lee to reality. The most important changes to the Lee Plan are highlighted here. Will they get us to our vision? Here’s your chance for a final “thumbs up” – or a last-minute tweak of the elements as we present them over the next few months. 

Click here to sign-up to participate in this conversation.


  1. Thank you BikeWalkLee for helping to spread the word about Lee County Town Hall! Our virtual public forum will only be a success if the community gets involved. So we encourage everyone to join today. It's free and easy to register.

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