Friday, August 31, 2012

Lee County's online Horizon 2035 "Town Hall" adds three more topics for public comment

In an earlier blog post, we announced the new online "Town Hall" public forum launched by Lee County Administration, and the opportunity for public input to the Horizon 2035 Lee Plan amendments.  The County is adding elements for comment as they become available.  Last week they posted three more for comment--economy, community safety; and conservation & coastal management. It's up to YOU to become part of this exciting interactive community conversation!

Horizon 2035 "Town Hall":

A new vision of Lee County in 2035 – an economically and environmentally desirable place to live, work and visit – was crafted from public suggestions made at 12 workshops. Now, it’s time to revise Lee County’s growth management plans to bring that vision of a Livable Lee to reality. The most important changes to the Lee Plan are highlighted here. Will they get us to our vision? Here’s your chance for a final “thumbs up” – or a last-minute tweak of the elements as we present them over the next few months. 

Click here to sign-up to participate in this conversation.

  • Invest in Lee:  Economy

    Invest in Lee: Economy

    If you care about jobs, you should care about this element. The recent economic downturn spotlights the importance of a strong local economy. It also draws attention to the county’s role in job creation and fiscal stability. The county supports policies to stimulate historically important job centers, such as tourism and construction.
    The Economic Element now emphasizes economic diversification through business retention, expansion of existing business, and recruitment of targeted employers. In addition to supporting Lee’s traditional job base, this element also recognizes that more needs to be done to stimulate a diverse economy and to create more high-wage jobs, especially for the young. The economic strategy includes building partnerships and promoting innovation, fiscal responsibility and transparency in government.

  • Live Strong & Long: Community Safety & Wellbeing

    Live Strong & Long: Community Safety & Wellbeing

    Because if you don’t have your health – you have nothing. This element is about keeping people safe and healthy in Lee County. As the county grows, greater demands are placed on hospitals, police, fire and EMS. Planning strategies should ensure that these demands are met today, tomorrow and in the future. A growing and aging population has an impact on the County’s preparedness for and response to natural disasters and public health emergencies. People living sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles create additional challenges to public health as well.
    This new element also includes a new goal – Healthy Lifestyles. Objectives for this new goal address urban design, recreational opportunities, and alternative transportation. In addition, this element includes a new objective under the Environmental Hazards goal to address wildfire safety through fire safety education. This element includes ideas to promote healthier lifestyles through better urban design, increased recreational opportunities, and transportation options, including walking and bicycling.

  • Surf & Turf: Conservation & Coastal Management

    Surf & Turf: Conservation & Coastal Management

    If you care about the natural environment, wildlife, clean water, the housing market or our tourism-based economy, you should care about the management of conservation and coastal areas. They provide groundwater recharge for clean water, protection from floods and storms, and habitat for our native wildlife. Environmental and coastal features are critical for the county’s economy and are important recreational, cultural and educational resources. They make Florida unique – bringing us tourists, families purchasing vacation or second homes, and entrepreneurs bringing their businesses to an attractive, clean and natural environment.
    The Conservation and Coastal Management Element now clearly separates the environmental conservation and coastal management sections of the chapter. It addresses how coastal and conservation areas contribute to the sustainability of Lee County, and it emphasizes how environmental resources support our economic needs.

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