Monday, November 15, 2010

Update on resurfacing contract

On September 28th, we reported on BWL's objections to the road resurfacing contract at the BoCC meeting. At that meeting the BoCC asked LeeDOT to apply the Complete Streets principles to the resurfacing projects included on the 2010-11 list. The report was a "walk-on" item at the November 9th BoCC meeting (i.e., it was not posted as an agenda item online).

Below is the message that went to the commissioners just prior to the meeting:

From: Schwartz, Holly
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2010 3:50 PM
To: Dist1, Manning; Dist2, Bigelow; Dist3, Judah; Dist4, Hall; Dist5, Mann
Cc: LeSage, Tessa; Meurer, Douglas; Hawes, Karen; Getch, Andrew; Wingard, Paul; Winton, Peter; Owen, David; Kirton, Kim;
Subject: Complete Streets/Road Resurfacing

On Sept. 28th the BoCC asked that we apply the Complete Streets principles to the resurfacing projects included in Blue Sheet # 20100870. The original bluesheet will be on the recap sheet as a carry-over for the BoCC meeting tomorrow.
With the help of members of the Complete Streets Implementation Task Force (a sub group of the Sustainability Committee) a Complete Streets resurfacing matrix has been developed to help determine the eligibility for improvements to be made. The full Sustainability Committee reviewed and recommended approval of the matrix.
An internal Complete Streets implementation team has been formed to complete the matrix with representatives from the Office of Sustainability, DoT, Community Development, Human Services, Lee Tran, Human Services, County Lands and Park and Recreation to apply the Complete Street principles. The attached matrix includes the committee review and resulting recommendations . The matrix will also be applied to all future resurfacing projects.
The Management Recommendation is to approve Blue Sheet #20100870 with the recommendations made by the Complete Streets implementation team (add cross walks and bicycle sharing roadway signage where most appropriate). This recommendation will be added to the Revisions & Corrections section of the recap sheet for the Nov. 9th BoCC meeting.

BWL Report:
Based on this report, share the road signs will be posted on Orange River Road, Palomino Road, and Island Park Road, and possible crosswalk improvements will be made at Littleton Road and Island Park Road. The resurfacing matrix was completed by the Complete Streets Team. This Team is internal to Lee County represents a significant change in the process. We are pleased to see that LeeDOT is an integral part of the Team.

Margaret Banyan went to BoCC meeting and spoke on behalf of BikeWalkLee during public comment (see 29:35-32:18 on video). She told the Lee County Commissioners that we still have work to do to 1) clarify the cost estimates for putting shoulders on roads (which seem unrealistically high), 2) start the speed studies necessary to lower speeds on roads, 3) change the definition of resurfacing to allow for a broader range of improvements to be made during resurfacing, and 4) establish a prioritized list for next year where shoulders are identified and funded at the beginning of the resurfacing contracting process.

If you would like to see the full LeeDOT resurfacing report, send me an e-mail:

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