Friday, November 12, 2010

Submit your ideas to Governor-elect, Rick Scott

Request from Rails-to-Trails Conservancy--Florida Office 11/5/10
Campaign season is over, which means we must turn our attention to communicating our needs to Governor-elect Rick Scott. He has set up a website to do exactly that, soliciting ideas to advance Florida and, at the same time, save money.
Pedestrian and bicycle facilities are among the least expensive transportation infrastructure to build and maintain. We also know that shifting short trips to walking and bicycling saves fuel, lessens our dependency on foreign oil, keeps more money in the local economy, makes us healthier and gets people out of their automobiles and into their communities.

Let's show Governor-elect Scott that there is great demand in Florida for safe, convenient places to walk and bicycle. Please leave a thoughtful message on his website that helps build our case for more walking and bicycling opportunities.

Below are some talking points you can use, but we encourage you to be creative. Personal responses make a better impact than canned comments. Keep your responses positive and forward-looking. As Governor-elect Scott’s campaign ads suggested, “let’s get to work” by communicating our needs to him.

Ken Bryan
Florida Field Office Director
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Talking points:
• The most cost-effective way to improve Florida's transportation systems in urban areas is to better accommodate walkers and bicyclists with active transportation infrastructure.
• Nearly half of all trips in the United States are within a 20-minute bicycle ride, and a quarter are within a 20-minute walk.
• Every trip made by a pedestrian or bicyclist increases the existing roadway capacity, improves the user's health, and reduces his or her carbon footprint—all of which can save Florida millions of dollars, according to the Florida Department of Transportation’s Conserve By Bicycle Study.
• Better active transportation infrastructure saves lives. Florida consistently has one of the worst safety and fatality records per capita in the entire country for pedestrians and bicyclists. Trails and other biking and walking facilities can keep more Floridians safe.

Communicate your thoughts with Governor-elect Scott now!

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