Saturday, November 27, 2010

Update on local campaign to fight distracted driving

News-Press 11/27/10
Bonita staff texting unlimited

City last Lee government with no rules on in-
vehicle messages

By Christina Cepero
Only Bonita Springs is now without a
policy when it comes to employees texting and
using cell phones while driving.

Lee County earlier this month became the latest
government to approve a policy prohibiting
employees from using cell phones while driving.

“It’s long overdue,” said Jay Anderson, executive
director of Stay Alive.... Just Drive “I’m extremely
pleased to see the county taking the lead and hope
that ... municipalities will adopt the same policy.”

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• Lee County

Employees and volunteers are prohibited from using
use electronic devices while operating any motorized
equipment unless operationally required. Cell phones
equipped with hands-free devices may be allowed at
the discretion of the department director or designee
for safety or emergency purposes or to facilitate
effective County operations.
Electronic devices include, but are not limited to, cell
phones, pagers, computers, hand held radios, and any
other battery-operated devices that are not
intentionally installed in a vehicle by the county.
Operating an MP3, iPod, or other electronic device
using earphone is prohibited while operating
motorized equipment.

Motorized equipment includes, but is not limited to,
driving a county vehicle or personal vehicle for county
business, construction equipment and any other
motor-driven equipment that would require the
operator’s full attention.

• Fort Myers
If a city employee needs to use a cellular device while
he is driving a city vehicle, he must pull over to the
side of the road in a safe manner to use the cellular
device. This includes answering a call, dialing a
number, talking on the device, reading or answering
e-mails, and reading or texting a message. Although
dialing must be done while the vehicle is stationary,
city employees using a hands-free device may use their
cell phone while operating a city vehicle.

• Cape Coral
No electronic texting or e-mail usage while driving city

• Sanibel

No texting and driving while performing city duties.

• Collier County
You can’t use a cell phone while driving a county
vehicle unless a hands-free device is being used.


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