Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cape Coral Police Department's Bicycle Safety Videos

Kudos to the CCPD for their focus on bicycle safety and all their efforts to educate the public, including these excellent new bicycle safety videos.

At the April 26th Lee MPO Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinating Committee (BPCC) meeting, Sargent John Kulko with CCPD made an informative presentation about the bicycle and pedestrian education and enforcement efforts underway in the Cape, with the goal of enhancing the safety of the community. 

 Thanks to assistance from an FDOT grant they have conducted 216 hours of enforcement, using a balanced approach (drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians).  They have placed particular emphasis on educating children, including education and enforcement of the requirement for kids under 16 to wear helmets.  They have also conducted bike safety rodeos and a summer bike safety camp for Oasis Middle School students.  They also have a bike patrol unit, which in addition to its regular duties, has been providing route security, safety and awareness for the monthly Cape Coral SWFL Critical Mass rides.
CCPD's Bike Safety Summer Camp

Sgt. Kulko also showed three excellent  PSA videos produced by the CCPD to educate the public about bicycling safety.  There is one 4 minute video about sharing the road and the rules of the road for both cyclists and drivers; then from that video, two shorter clips have been made into 30 second PSAs.  It's great to see the introduction and closing in each video by  a CCPD Captain, including this closing message on the full length video:
"Be aware, be considerate,  be safe, show respect.  When you share the road everyone gets there safely."

Be sure to watch the videos and share with your organizations and networks.

Full (4 minute) Share the Road/Rules of the Road PSA

The Cape's plan is to put these PSA spots on "electronic message boards" in key public locations, businesses, restaurants, bike shops, Chambers of Commerce, etc., just as the Sanibel Bicycle Club has done with their safety video and their safety PSA slides on "message boards".  It's great to see a successful approach in one Lee County community being adapted and implemented in other communities.
So, be inspired and be the next community to take these ideas and examples and adapt them for use in your community.

Thanks to the Cape Coral team!

Report by Darla Letourneau

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