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How to report a bike/ped facilities or operations problem and get results

Note: updated to add (at the bottom of blog) contacts for all the jurisdictions, not just LeeDOT. See BWL's Column, 4/28/16, "Who to call if there's a problem with a roadway".

 UPDATE: Click here for one-pager with all who/what/when/how to report (keep this handy)

How many times have you been out walking or biking and seen a safety hazard, a sidewalk that is in disrepair, debris in the bike lanes, a shared use path that needs repaved, a pedestrian signal that's not working, a bike lane turn "trigger" that's not working, etc.? I'm sure you've made a mental note and told yourself you were going to report it when you got back but never followed through.

Don't be lazy...take the time to take a few pictures of the problem, make notes on the approximate location (e.g., X feet east of Oakwilde Street), and then when you get back home, file a report through LeeDOT's RFA system. You can either fill out a form online, email or call (239-533-9400). Below is the key contact information that you should keep handy:
 Dirk Danley ( in LeeDOT Construction is the project manager for the road resurfacing program and also manages resurfacing for asphalt paths

Ehab Guirguis ( is the LeeDOT Operations manager. Operations manages sidewalk repair projects (concrete and asphalt).

RFA online form
The LeeDOT RFA team does a terrific job of responding to the reports in a timely manner, not only sending you an email response but actually going onsite to fix the problem and reporting back to you when it's done.  Below is just one testimonial of many we receive about the results from RFA reports:

Email to LeeDOT RFA team from Jim Stiger, March 3, 2016: 
Road repair complete!!! RFA 201600902

 We saw the road crew working on the repair in the bike lane on Coconut Rd. yesterday.  We will get our first opportunity to ride over it tomorrow morning.  Thanks for caring about our safety. 
 Jim Stiger

So next time you see a problem when you're out walking or biking, take the time to report it to the RFA team.  Not only is your walk or ride likely to be safer and more enjoyable next time, the fix will benefit everyone who uses these facilities in Lee County.  We, the thousands of users of the bike/ped facilities throughout the county, can be the eyes and ears for the staff on a daily basis. And when you get that email from RFA telling you that the problem is fixed, don't forget to send them a thank you email....and share it with us ( so we can share it with the BikeWalkLee network.

Thanks for being an engaged user...and a big thanks to the RFA team that quickly responds to the reports.
p.s.  put the RFA contact info in your I-Phone NOW so you have it when you need it. Thanks!

p.s.s. After I posted this blog, I received the "after" photo of the same intersection (New York Drive and Tice Street), yes, reporting problems does get action. Thanks to David Wagley (LeeDOT) for sharing the "after" photo with us.
Report by Darla Letourneau
 Before and After photos

BikeWalkLee's photo.

Contact List for All Jurisdictions

·       Lee County: The Request For Action hotline is (239) 533-9400, or there is an online Request For Action form at the county Dept. of Transportation website,

·       Cape Coral: You can request action online at or call the Citizen Support Center at (239) 574-0425. You can also go to and click on the Maintenance Requests tab on the left side of the page which take you to the city page.

·       Fort Myers: Contact Public Works at (239) 321-7445 or submit a request online at

·       Sanibel: Either contact the Public Works Dept. at (239) 472-6397 or the police non-emergency line at (239) 472-3111, or email

·       Fort Myers Beach: Submit a request online at or contact Public Works at (239) 765-0202, ext. 1701.

·       Estero: The county handles road issues for the village.

·       Bonita Springs: You can contact the city’s Public Works Dept. at (239) 949-6246 or online at

·       State roads: Contact the local FDOT operations center at (239) 985-7800.

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