Monday, June 23, 2014

MPO Board recommends funding study for Pine Island Rd. shared use path project, connecting Pine Island and Cape Coral

Thanks to Bob McKnight, Chair of the Matlacha Civic Board, for speaking on behalf of all of Pine Island at today's Lee MPO Board meeting in support of the proposed project for a shared use path connecting Cape Coral and Pine Island.
Matlacha's Bob McKnight speaks to Cape MPO member Rick Williams

At the June 20th Lee MPO Board meeting, one of the agenda items for approval was the annual list of bike/ped priority projects for submission to FDOT for funding.  Included on this list as a "shared" #1 priority was the Pine Island Rd. Shared Use Path PD & E study that was proposed by LeeDOT and recommended by all the MPO committees to the MPO Board for inclusion in the funding request to FDOT.  This project was also submitted to FDOT earlier for consideration as a regional enhancement project, as recommended jointly by the Collier and Lee County MPOs.
At the Board meeting, Bob McKnight, the Board Director of the Matlacha Civic organization spoke in strong support of the project.  He said that it had the unanimous vote of the civic board--the first ever unanimous vote.  He said he was also representing all of Pine Island as he was speaking in support.  He urged support for the project because it is needed for connectivity between Pine Island, Matlacha, and Cape Coral, it is needed for safety, and it will connect that area with the whole county so users can travel by bike between inland and coastal areas of Lee County.
The MPO Board unanimously approved the list of projects to be submitted to FDOT (which included the Pine Island Rd. shared use path project). The requested $520 K is for a feasibility study, which would determine what type of facility should be used (multi-use path, etc.).  FDOT will decide which of the recommended priorities are approved for funding in its November/December workplan for 2015-20.  If FDOT approves the study, it would be the beginning of a 5 year-plus process of getting a path designed and constructed.
BikeWalkLee is a strong supporter of this project and urges FDOT to fund the feasibility study in the upcoming workplan. 
Report by Darla Letourneau

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