Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lee County Commission Proclaims May Bike Month

At the May 6th BoCC meeting, the Board proclaimed May Bike Month.  

The County's Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) attended the ceremony and Chairman Keith Kibbey and Ileana Sisson thanked the Board and County staff for their support for biking and walking in Lee County.  They stated that the county has  made a great deal of progress in the past five years.  Keith challenged the BoCC members to ride their bike to work this month, or to participate in the May 21st Ride of Silence, or the May 24th BikeWalkLee bike ride and audit.

BikeWalkLee thanks BPAC, LeeDOT staff, and the BoCC for their ongoing support of complete streets and for the progress that's been made over these past 5 years.  We especially appreciate the service of citizens who give of their time and talent to serve on BPAC and other committees throughout the community that are doing the hard work on an ongoing basis to ensure that complete streets and a more bike/ped friendly community are becoming a reality throughout our county.

Also at Tuesday's Board meeting, the Fiddlesticks community came out en mass in support of the Fiddlesticks pathway project that will begin the design and then construction of the project shortly. Kudos to Ben Bishop, who spoke in support of the project, on behalf of the Fiddlesticks community.  We can't wait for this project to be completed in 2015/16!

Also at the Tuesday Board meeting, the BoCC approved funding for a safety improvement project at the College Parkway and Whiskey Creek Drive/Edison Parkway intersection.  The project will also evaluate potential bicycle lane improvements. There have been safety problems at this intersection and we're pleased to see these concerns being addressed.

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