Friday, May 24, 2013

County Commissioners consider deep budget cuts in park and transit services

 Now is the time for citizens to tell their elected officials what they think about proposed service cuts in transit and parks.  Make your voices heard before the June 24th BoCC budget workshop.

 It's that time of year again...budget season.
In March, BoCC asked staff to say how they'd cut $14 M from the General Fund budget and these are the cuts that staff proposed on May 16th:
Human Services:  $5.4 M
Public Safety:        4.6 M
Transit:                  3.2 M
Parks & Rec         2.2 M
Total:               $15.4 M
For transit, they would eliminate Route 60 (FGCU/San Carlos Park); Route 160 (Pine Island); Route 595 (NFM-Cape); Route 40 (Cape); eliminate all Sunday bus service; Eliminate Saturday evening service; and increase fares from $1.25 to $1.50.

For Parks & Rec, they would close the following parks:
City of Palms
Caloosahatchee Regional Park
Hickey's Creek Preserve
Manatee Park
Six Mile Cypress Interpretive Center
Six Mile Cypress Slough
And would discontinue the UF Extension Service Program

 On Monday, June 24th (1:30 p.m.) the Commissioners will instruct staff on whether these proposals should be incorporated into the budget.  There is no opportunity for public comment at the workshop but it can be viewed on Ch. 97, on their website, or in Commission Chambers. Take the time to communicate with your elected officials before the June 24th meeting. 


See news articles about the proposals:
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Naples Daily News:  5/20
Naples Daily News:  5/16

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