Thursday, May 23, 2013

New "Walkable Bikeable Sanibel Island" shirts...and safety devices!

Kudos to the City of Sanibel on their new "Walkable Bikeable Sanibel Island" shirts.
Photo: check out this cool new t-shirt the City of Sanibel is selling at the Rec Center--"Walkable Bikeable Sanibel Island".  Of Course I bought one (hot pink and quick dry) & can't wait to wear it.  Great to see Sanibel market itself this way..and talk about making yourself visible to drivers when you're wearing this while walking or biking. Way to go, City of Sanibel!Last week the City of Sanibel started selling these cool new "Walkable Bikeable Sanibel Island" shirts at the Sanibel Rec Center. Of Course,  I bought one (hot pink and quick dry), and even wore it to Friday's MPO Board meeting.

  • The message is both an affirmation of our complete streets campaign...and an aspirational message for other parts of Lee County.
  • Clearly, Sanibel proudly sees itself as a "Walkable and Bikeable" community.  It is part of our identity and it's great to see it become a visible (and wearable) part of how we define ourselves to residents and visitors.
  • This shirt is also a safety tool--its "hot pink" color ensures that the wearer will be visible to cars when they're out on the path system and the roads....This might be a great idea for Fort Myers Beach, too!
  • If you're interested in buying one ($15), you can stop by the Rec Center, call them (239-472-0345) or visit their website ...they'll even ship it to you.  All proceeds support City of Sanibel youth recreation programming.
Report by Darla Letourneau

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