Tuesday, September 11, 2012

County Commission votes to deny request for tree removal on Daniels Parkway

Kudos to the County Commissioners for supporting the staff's recommendation to deny request to remove trees along Daniels Parkway. 

Since May, the county has been considering a proposal by a property owner on Daniels Parkway to remove trees on Daniels to improve visibility for the Bella Villa Shops. (see our blog post on May 29th.) At the Sept. 11th BoCC meeting, BikeWalkLee joined representatives from the Sustainability Committee, the Landscaping Committee, Conservation SWFL, and other environmental leaders and citizens in speaking in support of the County staff's recommendation to deny the business owner's proposal.  The Board voted 3 to 2 in support of the staff recommendation, with Commissioners Bigelow and Hall voting against.  The Board suggested that the property owner work with staff to seek some signage improvements to address their concerns.

Thanks to the Commissioners for upholding the existing county policies, for not setting a bad precedent, and for remaining true to the original vision for the Daniels corridor as a suburban corridor with large set-backs and through traffic.  Mature trees are an important feature of complete streets and contribute to the overall character of this corridor.


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