Saturday, September 29, 2012

Group working for a bike-friendly Cape Coral

BikeWalkLee is excited about the new group, called Cape Coral Bike Ped, that is working to provide a connected biking and walking network in the Cape.  Kudos to the citizens who have come together in a public-private partnership in support of our common goal of completing Lee County's streets.
Posted: Sep 28, 2012 
CAPE CORAL - Bike lanes and sidewalks scatter Cape Coral's streets. Unfortunately, one group says, they don't always connect. They're working to change that and they want the city's support.

The new group says sometimes you'll see sidewalks – sometimes you won't. Sometimes you'll see bike paths – sometimes you won't.

For them, the million dollar question is how do you fix the issue when this city can't even find money to resurface roads?

Friday afternoon, we spoke with one woman who says the key is a public-private partnership launched by a new group called Cape Coral Bike Ped.

The group will ask city leaders for their support in a goal to connect important bicycle and pedestrian paths throughout Southwest Florida's biggest city.

They've already identified a route which would go around the entire city.

Group members say they want to see the city partner with civic groups, businesses, and citizens to find the money to mark the roads, add lanes or sidewalks if necessary and to get the word out!

"You'll see many routes that we're suggesting are on secondary roads. Inside of taking people on Pine Island Road, we'll take them on adjacent roads," said Carolyn Comant, with Cape Coral Bike Ped.

Group leaders say they also see this project as a way to bring in tourism dollars for the city.
The city council will decide whether to throw their support behind the idea on Monday. They're involvement won't be financial, but will would have support - like using the city's sign department.

Cape Coral Councilman Kevin McGrail said he believes Cape Coral can draw bicyclists in from other Southwest Florida cities and hopes businesses will get involved.

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