Friday, September 23, 2011

BPAC works with LeeDOT on new Summerlin & College overpass/intersection issues for bicyclists

Earlier this summer, BPAC raised concerns with LeeDOT about safety and flow problems for bicyclists at the new Summerlin and College overpass/intersection. In response, LeeDOT staff Clay Simmons and Mike Tisch conducted on-site meetings with various committee members and volunteers. The intent was to meet with bicyclists as they experienced their passage through the intersection and get first hand views of what could be done to improve the flow and safety for bicyclists. There were numerous right-of-way constraints for this project that was designed years ago and the newly completed result offers no bike lane or shoulder areas for east and west bound College Ave or for north and south bound Summerlin either on the overpass or on the surface ramps. The options now for bicyclists are to either stay on the road and take the right hand lane, or get off the road and use the pedestrian access if they are East or West bound on College. There are narrow shoulders north of College that disappear when you approach the overpass, so the same options arise. LeeDOT is considering the following options to improve the situation: Adding curb cuts, signage, and striping changes in order to route bicyclists on to the sidewalks.

Thanks to BPAC for addressing this issue and kudos to LeeDOT for setting up on-site meetings to get bicyclists’ perspective on the situation.

Pictured above are (L to R): Peter Ahlgren, BPAC at Large, Bill Garrison, Caloosa Riders, Clay Simmons and Mike Tisch, LeeDOT.

Reported by Steve Rodgers, BPAC member and Secretary.

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  1. I always take the fly over. There is huge shoulder on the overpass.


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