Saturday, September 17, 2011

Action Alert: Fort Myers City Council considers Complete Streets Resolution on Oct. 3rd

In May, the City of Fort Myers began consideration of a Complete Streets Resolution, following in the footsteps of the Lee Board of County Commissioners (who adopted a Complete Streets Resolution in November and is now implementing its Nov. 2010 complete streets action plan). The City’s Planning Board approved the resolution at its August 3rd meeting, followed by approval by the City’s Bike/Pedestrian Advisory Board. It has now been placed on the City Council’s October 3rd agenda for a vote. BikeWalkLee strongly supports this resolution and urges residents of the City of Fort Myers to contact members of City Council and/or attend the Oct. 3rd meeting to express your support for this resolution.

The Monday October 3rd meeting starts at 4:30 p.m. and is held in the Council chamber at the City Hall, 2200 Second Street in Fort Myers. The agenda for the meeting will be published on the city’s website on September 26th, so check back to see the agenda.
To contact the council members by e-mail or phone, click here for contact information.

The opening statement reads: “Fort Myers seeks to become a more livable and lively city, a healthy, economically robust community with system-wide choices of safe, convenient access to roadways and trails for all users with a more balanced, human scale environment, where a complete streets program is employed.” “To reach this goal of a walkable and bikeable community, the City is proposing a resolution to initiate the process of developing guidelines, processes, and procedures for the implementation of the Complete Streets Program.”

The resolution is posted on BikeWalkLee’s website. Click here to read this excellent resolution. (Insert final version as approved by Planning Board as soon as posted on BWL website.}
If you have any questions, contact Nicole DeVaughn, Planning Manager,

BikeWalkLee submitted a letter in support of the resolution on May 27th (click here) and will be submitting a letter to members of City Council soon. [Insert letter when finalized.]

Thanks for letting City Council members know that you support complete streets!

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