Friday, January 7, 2011

Upcoming workshop for BikeWalkLee advocates to participate in Lee County's transit development plan

Lee County's LeeTran office has begun working on a major update to the County’s 10 Year Transit Development Plan (TDP) which is their strategic guide for public transportation in the community over the next decade, as well as creating a
vision for public transportation service in Lee County over a 25 year planning horizon.

As part of LeeTran's outreach efforts, they have asked BikeWalkLee to participate in a discussion group-style workshop. The workshop would enable them to engage members of BikeWalkLee, as well as get valuable input on what role transit should play in the community and how best to improve it so it can meet the needs of the community.

BikeWalkLee will sponsor an evening workshop, put on by LeeTran, to which we would invite our network of advocates. The target date for the workshop is between mid-February and mid-March. Stay tuned for further information. We look forward to being part of this community conversation about transit--a key component of complete streets and a balanced multi-modal transportation system.

Note: space will be limited at the workshop, so if you're interested in participating, please e-mail me now regarding your interest:

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