Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are you for Transit?

Below is a link to register to be one of 100,000 Floridians to Stand Up And Be Counted as supporters of Public Transportation through the non-partisan organization IM4TRANSIT.ORG

• IM4TRANSIT is a campaign of the Board of the Florida Public Transportation Association to identify, recruit, and mobilize at least 100,000 pro-transit Floridians.
• IM4TRANSIT is a ready community of transit supporters in Florida that can be mobilized “to give transit a voice” during transit-related debates in the public marketplace of ideas.
• The organization is nonpartisan and has no views outside their core mission of educating the public and elected officials about the benefits and importance of public transportation to Florida.
• It is a virtual community of transit riders, employees and stakeholders sustained by social media, web, and e-newsletters.
If you want your elected officials to support public transportation solutions that help make America energy independent, create jobs, help the environment, and provide an alternative to fighting traffic congestion, please click here.

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