Tuesday, October 12, 2010

StreetSmart demonstration urges drivers, riders, and pedestrians to look out for each other

Here's what USDOT Secretary LaHood had to say today in his blog, "In the Fast Lane":

This morning the Department of Transportation took a step toward protecting the lives of our dedicated professionals with a pedestrian safety demonstration.

Two months ago, I blogged about a pair of crashes involving pedestrians near DOT headquarters. Soon after, the DC Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Police Department introduced "No turn on red" restrictions and added crossing safety officers at the area's busiest intersections.

And today's StreetSmart demonstration, again in partnership with the terrific folks at DDOT and the MPD, brings us even closer to the kind of safety we need to achieve near DOT headquarters--and in communities across America.

As DDOT director Gabe Klein said this morning, the burden is on everyone--drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians--to be more careful out there.

But the fact remains that pedestrians are the most vulnerable users of our roadways, with bicyclists not far behind. And when you are driving, you are the sole pilot of a 4,000-pound projectile; you must slow down, pay attention, and proceed with caution.

That means, first and foremost, respecting the law. It means turning carefully, no speeding, and no distracted driving. Click here to continue reading the story.

Maybe our local officials could host a similar StreetSmart demonstration in Lee County!

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