Monday, October 25, 2010

Implementation Status of Lee County Complete Streets Program presented to BoCC on November 1st

At the County Commissioners' Management & Planning meeting on Monday, November 1st (1:30 p.m.), the first annual report to BoCC on the implementation status of the complete streets program will be presented. Click here for the report package. If you want to watch the BoCC discussion, you can tune into Channel 97 at 1:30 p.m. on November 1st, or watch it later on the Lee County website.
The package contains the following documents:
1. Memo from County Manager
2. Matrix of nine key elements of action plan, with actions required, timelines/deliverables.
3. Action Plan Status Report (narrative that accompanies the matrix). Note the ongoing roles of the Complete Streets Team, Community Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC), and the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)in the action plan.
4. Exhibit A--Executive Summary of LeeDOT (Andy Getch) research paper on roadway design and construction: comparison of guidance for sustainable communities, complete streets, and context sensitive solutions
5. Exhibit B--Exceptions Report, detailing the road projects during 2009-2010 that deviate from current development standards for bike/ped accommodations and basis for exception. In future years, the report will be reflect complete streets criteria.

On October 20th, the Community Sustainability Advisory Committee adopted the changes to the draft documents as recommended by their complete streets subcommittee (Margaret Banyan, Darla Letourneau, and Dan Moser), and those edits were reflected in the package that is being presented to the Board.

Kudos to the County Manager, Karen Hawes, and her complete streets team, Andy Getch(LeeDOT), Mikki Rozdolski (DCP), and Tessa LaSage (Sustainability Director), for their commitment to complete streets & their hard work in developing this implementation plan for taking the complete streets policy statement to a plan for action. Thanks to the CSAC committee for its continuing leadership and support. BikeWalkLee has been working with the team over the past year and is looking forward to moving into the implementation phase. We're making progress!

11/1 Update:

At today's M & P meeting, the County Commissioners accepted the staff report and action plan on complete streets implementation and the staff will now move forward to implement the actions and deliverables in this report.

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