Sunday, October 3, 2010


Some of us are passionate about complete streets from a policy perspective, while others come to their passion from tragic experience. BikeWalklee is starting to hear from parents and loved ones of those who were killed while walking or biking on Lee County streets, and who are working to make our streets safer for children so that others can be spared their tragedy.

One of these moms is Holly Ford. Her son, Cameron (age 15), was struck and killed on June 23, 2010, while riding his bike in a 45 mph Cape Coral school zone. The sidewalk ended and he crossed over to the median area, where a street light was out, and was struck by a car and killed. She is now campaigning for safer streets for our children, and has started an organization called SideWalksAmerica, promoting awareness of street safety for children and others. She is pressing city and county officials for more street lights, street signs, crosswalks, sidewalks, and reducing the city speed limits in order to make our community safer.

Check out her website, blog, and Facebook connections.

Thanks, Holly, for your passionate work in support of completing our streets so that it’s safer for the children in our community.

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