Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Action Alert: Cape Coral Aug. 12th Open House on proposal to create bike lanes on Cape Coral Parkway

 If you live or bike in Cape Coral, here's your chance to make your voices heard in support of more biking facilities.  Here's link to Aug. 11th NBC-2 News story about issue (and sidewalks), with interview with CCBP's Carolyn Conant.

The Cape Coral Public Works Department is holding an Open House on creating bike lanes on Cape Coral Parkway between Agualinda and Sands Blvd. between 5 to 7 pm on August 12th at the Cape Coral Public Library on Mohawk Parkway. 
Library address: SW 39th Terrace

Residents in Southwest Cape requested that Cape staff study the possibility of converting Cape Coral Parkway from a 4-lane divided roadway to a 2-lane divided roadway with bike lanes for approximately 0.9 miles between Agualinda Blvd. and the western terminus of the road.  The bike lanes would provide connectivity between two bike routes.

The City hired a contractor to do a traffic analysis on the proposal and the result of the analysis is that the request can be granted without adversely effecting the traffic flow.  The next step in the process is to hold an open house to gather citizen input.

Please come to show your support for new bike lanes that would connect with the CCCC routes on Sands and Agualinda....and spread the word to your network of friends and neighbors.

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