Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jim Dodson Law joins BikeWalkLee coalition

Join BikeWalkLee in welcoming  Jim Dodson Law to our network of supporter organizations, for a total of 62.

Jim Dodson Law (

Jim Dodson is an avid cyclist and a well respected personal injury lawyer in Florida.  Jim rode this year's Royal Palm Classic (sponsored by CRBC) and managed to run into some of the BikeWalkLee members after the event, became interested in joining our efforts, and now his law firm is a BWL supporter organization.
Jim Dodson (in CRBC jersey) with BWL's Darla Letourneau

As an avid cyclist, Jim understands the benefits of cycling, but also the dangers.  In his person injury law practice, he represents people who have been injured and the survivors of those who have died riding bicycles. He is also involved in efforts to prevent crashes and has written a booklet, "Florida Bicycle Accident Handbook", to help people who ride bicycles avoid injury and to let readers know what to do if the worst happens. The main office is in Clearwater, but the firm handles clients all over Florida.

Click here for the latest list of all BikeWalkLee supporter organizations. (Two more have been added since this list was compiled.)

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