Monday, September 16, 2013

Horizon 2035 Comp Plan elements begin final committee reviews

As reported in our July blog post, the final phase of the Comp Plan (Horizon 2035) update process is underway...moving us forward towards the goal of revising Lee County's growth management plans to bring the vision of a Livable Lee to reality.  Revisions to the first three elements, based on comments from county committees and the public, come before the LPA on 9/23.

Over the past two years, the county staff and its committees have been working through the elements of the Comp Plan Horizon 2035 update, following the vision adopted in the County's 2011 Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR).  This new vision of Lee County in 2035 - an economically and environmentally desirable place to live, work and visit - was crafted through an extensive community planning effort that included over 40 public workshops. The Comp Plan update process is revising Lee County’s growth management plans to bring that vision of a Livable Lee to reality. 
In June, the Local Planning Agency (LPA) completed its first round review of all the Comp Plan elements, and the Community Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC) completed its review in May. The Horizon Council also reviewed the plan with staff over the past four months.  Over the past four months, county planning staff also conducted 43 public workshops to discuss the key changes in the Comp Plan that are being proposed.  Finally, the County's online Town Hall tool (New Horizon 2035) provided another opportunity for citizens to comment and provide their input.

Over the summer, the staff started the process of revising the elements to address these comments.  In July we shared with you the schedule and process for the next and final phase.  
Final committee review of elements
 At the September 23rd (Monday, 8;30 a.m. in County Commission chambers) LPA meeting, the first three revised Comp Plan amendment elements will be reviewed:
There is always an opportunity for public comment at the LPA meetings.

The CSAC review will begin at their Oct. 16th meeting.

BikeWalkLee focus:
Integration of land use and transportation planning is key to complete streets and complete communities, so these two elements (scheduled for review in Nov./Dec.) will continue to be a major focus of BikeWalkLee's attention. These revised elements are scheduled for review in November.
 For background on BikeWalkLee's views, click below:
·        BWL comments to county Local Planning Agency on land use elements (4/5/13)
·        BikeWalkLee overview comments on 10/26/12 Draft Transportation Element (11/25/12)

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