Monday, November 19, 2012

Something all local governments can do to promote biking and walking to special events

 Many of us segregate our bicycling and walking from other parts of our lives.  Often that means we don’t get to do either as often as we’d like.  It also means that we end up driving our cars places that we could just as easily bicycle or walk to.  We just need to start thinking that way.  The City of Sanibel (see below) is encouraging that kind of thinking.  The next time you are planning to attend a special event, ask yourself, “Is this something I could bicycle or walk to?”

Here's the message that the City of Sanibel includes in every press release about special events, as well as posting it on their website:

The City of Sanibel is a “walkable and bikeable” community and features one of the most extensive shared use paths in the State of Florida. Attendees to these special events are encouraged to enjoy our good nature, bicycle to these events and stay FIT-4-LIFE!

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